Because unlike the other bands in the market, it Provides a Smooth and Frustration-Free Exercise Experience

  • Rubber Band

    Rolls, Pinches, Snaps

  • Fabric Band

    Slides, Slips, Low Range of Motion

Higher Efficiency, Better Results

Extrech is a revolutionary patent-pending resistance band that addresses the issues of the current bands in the market. Our innovative design allows the Extrech bands to stay in place without slipping and rolling on your body. All Extrech bands are BPA free, 100% platinum silicon. Extrech allows you to focus on what matters the most, the results.

One Band, Endless Workouts

Extrech Vs. Others

  • Rubber Bands

  • Fabric Bands

  • Extrech Bands

Premium Bands for Premium Exercise

Extrech resistance bands stay in-place without rolling, slipping or sliding, or pinching your skin. Extrech is the perfect solution to stay fit at home and on the go, breaking the unruly resistance band by enhancing the design and durability delivering a roll-free, slip-free band, and frustration-free solution.

A Workout Experience Like Never Before

When you are working out using a resistance band, the last thing that you want is to waste your time by being distracted by a the band pinching, rolling, and snapping all over the place. Extrech makes working out a smooth and distraction-free and allows you to enjoy a no-hassle fitness experience.

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A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Extrech brings comfort, durability and usability together in one product. Perfect
for beginners still developing strengths and for professionals who want to perfect their form. Adding Extrech to your training regimen can tone your
muscles, increase your endurance, and boost your overall performance..

Free your workout flow from having to stop once every few minutes to retie your
resistance band or to bend down and pick it up after it has rolled away. Our
band’s dome-shape and ridged design will not budge during your exercise. You
can finally focus on what matters, the results!

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